Monday, September 17, 2012

2 funny stuff


Hope you all get a little laugh in today, we can all use one!

A few things that happened recently: 

 Hubs and I were at a Nascar Race. We were walking amongst a zillion other people as we were trying to find out car. (don't ask me how long it took us to find it) and a strange man blurts out to me, "You know you can see right through your top to your boobs!" I was aghast with shame (well, maybe not). 

I kind of covered my chest with my hand at first, then tuned toward hubs and asked him if he could see through my top. Hubs said, "Yes , I sure can" . So, I figured I would have to do something about it.... 
so I .... 
yanked my zipper down further on my little white hoodie and opened it a little further so other's can enjoy ithe scenery. LOL So, seriously now.. do you think I really did that? I kind of wondered why so many people seemed to look at my shiirt a lot... but guys do that anyway. 

 Now the other thing... 
A conversation with the hubs as we were driving yesterday.

Me: Hey hun, how do you feel about me doing a craft project?

  Hubs: That's great sweetie. 

  Me: I also want to get all our pictures sorted and put into a "project, life" album and I was also thinking about ......blah blah blah.... and blah, blah, blah. I went on for about 10 minutes or so. (Most of my talking was about doing projects that needed to get done around the house.) 

  Me: (after I caught my breath) What are you thinking about? 

  Hubs: Why are the forks so big?

 I laughed (I guess you had to be there). I also shut up for a while.

 What funny/stupid/lame or whatever thing can you share with me??


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