Friday, September 14, 2012

I'm Awake {Yep, it's a friggin' Katy Perry song}

Awoke this morning to a nice dark sky, it was still quite warm even with all the windows open and the front and back doors open. The time was 3:45am.

I laid there hoping to fall back asleep. But the was a failure.

So… round and round my thoughts went……………
  1. Should I leave DA because I don't seem to have the time (which is silly cause I don't work) anymore? Or maybe it is that I don't seem to have the motivation to be in DA. I don't do any art, so the reason I stay is to see the art and be social with a few good poeple here.
  2. Do I try and write that children's book I so want to write?
  3. I want me some sex!
  4. My pet peeves about several things (I'll talk about it below.)
  5. Do all men sleep naked and if they do, do they subconsciously scratch their balls or move their balls from between their legs when they roll over?
  6. It's been too long since I had an orgasm (I ain't telling how long), man I want to jump my hubby, but it's friggin' 4:15 in the morning.
  7. What should I write about on my blog?
  8. I gotta get more points somehow to renew my groups superness.
  9. Does my vibrator have batteries in it?
  10. I want sex!
  11. What was that dream I was having before I woke up?
  12. My dog is snoring again.
  13. Do I get outta bed ?
  14. Shoot, there is a mosquito in here, dammit.
  15. "I'm Awake"…..stop singing that song in my head!
Then the vicious circle of thoughts go around again until I finally get outta bed! grrrrrrrr!

One of my pet peeves that I will tell you about. No offense to anyone!!

You know when you are driving somewhere, it is a nice day so you and a lot of other people have their windows open. And you approach a stop light and the person next to you is smoking, they #1 - blow smoke out the window. #2- flick their ashes out the window. #3 throw their cigarette butt out the window. I am severely allergic to cigarette smoke (you should see my eyes and swollen face after being in a room full of smoke).
So, I am sorry, but I wish people that smoke would keep their car windows up while they are smoking and keep their smoke, ashes and butts to themselves.
Now, I mean no offense to smokers. I have a kid that smokes on occasion and a daughter in law that smokes, and I love them unconditionally, and  they thankfully very conscientious of other's around them when they do smoke. So, just because someone smokes doesn't mean I would not like them, I just wished they would keep their smoking and all that goes with it  to themselves.

What do you think about when you can't sleep??

What is your pet peeve???

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